December 10, 2006

Posted by Rie On 11:37 AM
yes, I'm enjoying a very nice cup of coffee while I'm listening to loud music and writing here. When I was home during the summer, my mom gave me one of her starbucks coffee mugs with a lid - reminds me of home whenever I use it. We don't have starbucks here yet...

It's been a quiet weekend so far. I took the girls shopping for Christmas presents - since these girls live in a very small town with no real opportunities to buy their Christmas presents without having their parents drive them around, I decided it would be a good thing to arrange a trip to a large mall in a nearby town/city. It went really well. I think the girls had fun and felt independent because they were allowed to do their own thing without having someone breathing down their necks all the time. They all behaved themselves and got most of their shopping done. I even got some shopping done - a few presents and also a present to myself! My grandparents in Ontario sent me a christmas package with some money and I was going to wait until the January sales but I ended up finding a pair of boots (ON SALE!) and used some of the money. Mormor og Bebba - mange tusinde tak for gaven. Jeg fandt nogle stoevler paa udsalg - de ligner kondi sko men er faktisk stoevler der gaar til knaeet med hvid pels-agtig rundt om toppen. Jeg gemmer resten af pengen til nogle cowboy bukser naar januar udsalg begynder efter nytaar. Tak for gaven!

GUESS WHAT, GUESS WHAT, GUESS WHAT!! The mailman woke me up Saturday morning with a Christmas present from my parents - a digital camera! Yeps! I no longer have to borrow Anders' camera and now have my own to take all the pictures I want to take. Mom and dad did say that I should open the package when I got it instead of waiting for Christmas Eve and now I totally understand why. I spent all afternoon playing around with the camera and it's so much fun! It can do all these cool things and I'm sure people are going to get sick and tired of me because I will have this camera with me at all times! It's a Canon Powershot A430 and it's so cute! Yes, a camera can be cute! And my parents even got me a bigger memory card - even on the largest and finest settings, I can take more than 400 pictures with that card. Ok, I'm bragging now but this is just so super cool. I am very happy for this camera and I promise that it will be used on a daily basis! Thank you mom and dad (and Charlie, Spencer and Alex)! I love love love love love love my new camera and I promise to take loads and loads of pictures so you guys can see my life here.

So, as everyone can see, I'm a very happy person right now.

Saturday night was also quiet. Anders and I saw The Return of the King, extended version and really didn't do much else. Picked up some burgers and brought all the pillows into his living room and just watched the very long, yet very good movie. We were supposed to do some Christmas shopping today but plans fell through because his tv broke. (Not during the movie) so we ended up having to return it to the store and exchanging it. By the time we were done with that, there were so many people also doing Christmas shopping so we decided to meet up tomorrow after his work and before my work. I still have my paper to work on and needed to get some stuff done here at home so I took a raincheck on the shopping.

There's my weekend. I have to work every evening next week and I need to write my paper so I doubt I'll have much of a social life.

Ohhh, one more thing. I have decided that I will NOT be sending Christmas cards out this year. I need to be careful with the rest of my month's money and I have to cut certain things out, Christmas cards being one of the things. I hope everyone realizes that I still hope you guys all have a great Christmas and just because I'm not sending out cards this year doesn't mean that I have forgotten about anyone.

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Glenda-Bean said...

Great news about the camera! That's awesome!