December 28, 2006

Posted by Rie On 12:42 AM

Hey Everyone! Here are some pictures of my family in Norup - we all gathered for some food (not like any of us was starving!) and a good time. This is the end of all the Christmas lunches and gatherings, I think everything will be normal again tomorrow - back to reality.

Karin got a GPS for Christmas and they were having problems getting it to work properly. I wonder if Anders was able to help them?

Karin and Ernst - my aunt and uncle. Ernst is wearing a Christmas tie that plays Jingle Bells whenever you push a button - he really likes that tie!

Pernille (my cousin) and Ernst.

Claus (Pernille's boyfriend) and Vibeke (my cousin Jesper's girlfriend).

Jesper (cousin).

Karin was pretty busy in the kitchen and the food tasted great!

Rie and Charlotte. Charlotte is the youngest of Pernille and Claus' kids.

Karin and their Christmas tree.

Pernille is listening intently.

Ernst and his mom, Ruth.

Jannie. She is the middle child of Pernille and Claus' kids.

Jannie and Charlotte goofing around. Christine, the oldest girl of the three couldn't make it today.

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