December 25, 2006

Posted by Rie On 7:13 PM
Merry Christmas to everyone! It's Christmas Day and I just got home from eating more food and just relaxing with Anders and his parents. I have some quiet time right now so I thought I would update my blog with some pictures from the past week.

Dec. 15th, we had a Christmas party at the youth club. My friend Lise came with me and helped Karin, Jesper and I work. Not a lot of kids came this time but it was still fun all the same.

Karin looks pretty cool in her Christmas "outfit". And she looks scared of the camera...

Morten and Rie

My cousin Jesper (the one wearing a Santa hat) is playing video games with one of our regulars while some of the other boys are watching over their shoulders.

Lise quickly got into the routine of things and actually got a job working at another youth club.

Lise and Rie - yes, I know we both look funny...

Karin's Christmas headband was falling apart and Jesper came to her aid.

Son and mom - Jesper and Karin

Rie with some of the regulars.

Rie and a newcomer

Even though there wasn't that many at the club that evening, we had fun. A good way of ending our season 2006 and now we're on vacation from the club until Jan. 8th.

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