December 5, 2006

Posted by Rie On 11:41 AM
Ok, I slept in today. I was bad. I wasn't supposed to do that.

Here's a crazy story from what happened at the club recently. Thursday night, Karin and I were working at the club and kids were doing their usual thing but we noticed that two of our regulars hadn't come back like they usually do. I was told the story of what actually happened Thursday night when I was working last night... The police were driving around Thursday night because TJ had "borrowed" his dad's tractor and was driving around like a maniac on the main road. (Half of these kids are "farmer kids" and tractors play a big part in their lives - and these are large sized tractors!). Well TJ got away and apparently just went home, so he wouldn't get busted. But TT also "borrowed" a tractor from his uncle so him and JR went for a joy ride - also driving like maniacs. They turned down a road and there is the police with a roadblock. Instead of stopping, TT keeps driving! He apparently broke through the roadblock by trying to hit the police with this monster tractor. They got past and sped off into the woods, driving over a bridge and whatnot and finally stopping when JR punched TT in the head. JR got out of the tractor right away and waited for the police to catch up with his arms over his head. TT came to himself a couple of minutes after the tractor stopped and then took off on foot into the woods. The police had dogs with them so it didn't go long before he was caught - and bitten up enough that he was first taken into the emergency room. So these two boys (16 and 17 yrs old) get put into handcuffs and taken to the station in Vejle. JR confessed everything and he gets let off with no charges. TT is in major shit now - he is probably going to be charged with theft, hazardous driving, failure to stop at a roadblock, resisting arrest and possibly attempted manslaughter since he tried to run over the cops... JR was at the club last night but no sign of TT. I have a feeling we won't be seeing him for a long time!

Crazy story, eh?

Don't get me wrong, our kids at the club are usually pretty good. Sure, they are a bunch of brats and like to test our boundaries but this serious situation is something that never happens! Karin and I can't be running around the streets watching out for them - we are in the club and also keep an eye out in our parking lot - In fact, Karin had warned TT before with driving tractors around like a crazy freak but apparently he didn't listen. But if they leave the club's area, we can't do anything. Last night, I had 38 kids at the club - how can I be in 10 different places at once? It's not like I'm blaming myself for the stupid actions of these boys but it would be nice if we could do something that would prevent another serious situation...

Anyways, moving on. I'm back to my normal self after just totally relaxing and sleeping almost all weekend. I guess I needed that. No work tonight but that's because I'm taking the girls Christmas shopping on Friday instead. I painted a bit yesterday and finished off a painting for Anders. He's coming by tonight after his thaiboxing training so I hope he likes it. I have several other paintings that I'm working on and I promise that I'll take some pictures when they're done!

I have to pick up my 14 day exam on Thursday but I'm not too nervous about this one. I've been doing my reading and I'm pretty much ready to write the paper once I get the actual question. I plan on using the first week to write the paper (it's only 15 pages) and then use the 2nd week to correct it and edit everything. Nothing to worry about!

My apartment is pretty messy so I'm going to tackle the dishes, fold some clothes and then just tidy up. I have decorated a bit for Christmas so I'll take some pictures once everything looks nice here again!

Bye guys!

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christine said...

wow, that story about the kids makes me realize just how much of a city kid i was growing up, and still am.

good luck on your 14- day exam!