December 18, 2006

Posted by Rie On 12:28 AM
It's late here and I'm wide awake. Well, that is on purpose. I'm working on my paper and yes, I'm doing it in the middle of the night. I'm not stressed out yet, I just like to work late at night. I like the quiet. The only sounds I hear are my upstairs neighbours thumping around (I think they're nightowls too) and the odd sirens of ambulances passing my window.

I decided to take a short break from my paper and update my blog. I haven't being really doing much lately so I don't have much to say. Coffee. Work. Study. Sleep and not always in that order. The club and evening school (Egtved) is closed for the holidays and all I have left is one class of first aid and school. I like my work but it's going be nice having a little break from all the kids. For the past 3 weeks or so, I've hung around with kids under 18 more than people over 18. I have no social life. Mia came over for coffee Friday, Lise came with me to work Friday evening, I saw Thomas very shortly before him and Claudia left for Thailand for a month. Heidi was here very shortly with her dad and her couch Saturday evening. (I'll explain that one later!) I've seen Anders a bit but not more than late evening visits watching a movie. But the kids in Egtved kommune - I've seen them about 4 nights a week. See, I don't need to have any kids of my own - I have around 100 already!

I heard about the storm over in the Victoria area - I hope everyone over there was able to keep themselves warm and entertained even though the power was out and it was extremely shitty weather. I saw on Glenda's blog that their fence was damaged and my parents out in Sooke were also hit full-force. Lots of cleaning up to be done now. I guess this means that we can't complain about our weather here - it's yucky but not at all unbearable.

My dad is checking out the damage done by the storm

It looks like the firewood storage shed got hit pretty bad.

Another picture my parents took - lots of firewood that needs to be chopped up!

Is everyone done all their Christmas shopping? I am done with presents and all I need to get is the "pakkeleg" presents.... That's a game some people play at the Christmas lunches/family gatherings. Everyone brings a small cheap thing (wrapped) and all the packages are placed in the middle of the table. With dice, we take turns rolling and certain numbers mean different things. A 6 usually means take a present. 1 means give a present to the person to your left. When all the packages in the middle are taken, the timer is set to an unknown time and then 6's mean take packages from others. When the timer rings, those who have actually succeeded in taking (and keeping) packages open them and we all have a good laugh when we finally see what they are. They could be anything - just small things like candles, dishtowels, teddybears, bandaids etc. It's usually pretty fun.

So I got a "new" couch. Heidi has moved to a smaller apartment (she's going back to school) and didn't have room for one of her couches and asked me if I wanted it for free. THANK YOU HEIDI!! I have a couch that I got from Jonna and Brian but Heidi's couch fit in my style much better and is a really nice couch. It's pretty new, white, easily seats 3-4 people and is super comfy. Right now, I have two couches in my living room - I didn't want to throw out the old couch because to be honest, even though it's old, nothing is wrong with it and is a perfectly good couch. Jonna said that they have room for it once her computer room is fixed up (they're totally rebuilding an old house and it's a HUGE project) so I promised her I'd keep it until they could pick it up. I have room for two couches so it's not a big deal storing it for them until they're ready. I'll take a picture once I get new batteries in my awesome camera.

Speaking of my camera, I love it! I've played around so much that I've already used up the batteries. I have to get some rechargeables when I go to the store next time. I promise to post new pictures as soon as I have power!

I just thought I would brag a bit and show off my new toy!

I added some english links - damn cool pics is a pretty cool site, only with funky pictures of things all over the world. No writing, just pictures. Some of the pictures seem so unreal that one would think that they were doctered on the computer but I think they are all the real deal. Even so, pretty funny to look at. Pink is the New Blog is a gossip blog about different stars and is kinda fun to read if you're into that kind of thing. - Virtual 3d street art - street pranks

Ok, I'm done babbling now. Time for more coffee and back to Cinderella.

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christine said...

wow, those are some huge freakin trees in your folk's yard. that one in front of the house looks like it came scary close to the house! we got hit hard in vancouver too, with stanley park losing hundreds of trees and the park is now closed to the public. they are expecting it to take a year for it to be cleaned up! the winds fell into a "category 2 hurricane" which i don't know exactly what that means, but it sounds serious!