November 22, 2006

Posted by Rie On 3:06 AM
I should be in bed but silly me, I've completely screwed up my sleeping patterns and now sleep in during the days and stay up late at night. It's 3am now and I just finished a draft copy of my bibliography for my Folk Narrative paper. Our teacher is pretty cool - we are technically doing a "14-day exam" in the form of a paper. We tell him what topic we are interested in within the course readings and he's supposed to give us an unknown question/problem statement of which we write a 15 page paper on. BUT, instead of surpising us with an unknown question, we're working together to find a specific topic, already gathering all our literature for reseach with his help and advice and can pretty much already start writing the basic ideas of the paper. So, there shouldn't be any surprises come Dec. 7th...

I ended up dropping my Harold Bloom class. I was just so lost in that class and no matter how much I read, I still didn't understand what the hell Harold Bloom talks about! One less worry this semester and hopefully something much better and more interesting will come along next semester.

Ok, enough of school... sorry, I've been doing some work tonight and have school stuff in my head.

Haven't really done much other than work and school stuff lately. Work sucked ass Monday evening - the kids were horrible and definitely left Karin and me in bad moods. We have the first class of our First Aid course tomorrow. (More studying and reading...) I'm meeting up with a friend tomorrow for coffee....

Wow, I have absolutely nothing more to write about. Isn't that amazing - Rie doesn't have anything to say. Wow, that doesn't happen too often! I haven't been able to paint lately - no energy or creativity but that happens. I have some ideas so I'm sure I'll be getting my hands dirty again very soon.

I'm going to bed now. I need to sleep if I'm going to be somewhat alert and interesting when meeting my friend tomorrow. Plus I won't have time to take a nap before my course so it's bedtime for me!

Goodnight everyone!

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