November 2, 2006

Posted by Rie On 8:40 AM
Hey everyone! I have a couple of minutes to spare this morning so I decided to spend them writing on my blog. Lately, I've posted several pictures but no life update, so here I am.

It's freaking cold here in Denmark - winter has definitely arrived with minus degrees last night. It's so cold! My winter jacket has been brought back to life and I seriously need to consider finding some warmer shoes/boots. My running shoes aren't exactly the best choice when it's this cold. I can't believe I used to live in Alberta, with minus 30-40 degrees during the winter and here I am complaining over minus 7.... Yes, I'm a weenie!

Life is ok here. I'm going with my friend Jonna to her 3D scanning today - her boyfriend couldn't make it due to work so I'm the stand-in. I've never been to a baby scanning before so it should be kinda cool. Plus I get to take pictures and if she lets me, I'll post one here.

School and work is ok. We are getting more and more members in our youth club which is a good thing but also means that all the coffee and leisure time there might be over. We still have lots of fun but more kids does mean more work - I had a major headache yesterday and the kids at the club were brats.... well, maybe I was just being grumpy but let's put the blame on those teenagers, ok? ;) The girl-group is going ok - we went bowling last week and tomorrow, we're going horseback riding.... Ugh, me and horses? Nope, I'm just going to stand back and watch. Take pictures. Stay the hell away from the horses.

I'm still working my way with school. I have found topics for my research seminars and have been to two meetings with my professors. Now I just need to get my shit together and start researching! I have started - I have library books and internet printouts all over the place. But I'm not stressed out just yet. I have a good plan for myself that I think will work and now that I know exactly when I have to work, I can put aside several days a week for school.

I still LOVE my little apartment and I think I have the coolest place! I'm slowly buying things and arranging everything, I have some of my own paintings hanging in the hallway and kitchen and after my birthday, I plan on taking a drive to Ikea and get my "art studio" all set up. Ok, it's not a studio but more like an "art-corner" in my kitchen. I would prefer painting in my living room just because it's a lot cozier here but then again, my canvases and other materials do take up quite a bit of room so I'm sure I can make my the kitchen corner just as cozy.

Yes, my birthday is coming up this weekend! I'm having a little party on Saturday, nothing too big, just a few friends coming over for some drinks and a good time. My birthday in on Sunday and I don't have anything planned there. Just relaxing here at home.

Tja... I don't know what else to write about. My life is pretty quiet these days but I like that. No halloween here, a few carved pumpkins but that's about it. On the other hand, the stores have already come out with Christmas stuff! Even before Nov. 1 - now I think that it's getting crazy! By the time Christmas finally comes, people are probably so sick and tired of decorations and stuff... My bird Basse is doing fine. She's fat but I think she's happy. A little grumpy at times but then again, she's getting old. The family is fine here in DK - a little grumpy at times but then again, they're getting old - HA HA HA, I'm so funny.... I take it back. The family is good. Karin is still gimpy with her shoulder and is going to physiotherapy on a weekly basis but hopefully she'll be able to soon return to her normal life. Ernst is good - he was here last week and helped hang up my blinds in the living room and bedroom. Anders is good. He's looking forward to starting his new job and is still loving his new car.

Now I'm just rambling so maybe I should just finish off here and get ready for when Jonna comes.

Bye everyone!

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Shauna said...

I missed your birthday!! I missed your birthday!!!


I am going to go sit in a corner until I realize how bad a friend I am ;)

Keep up the updating. I'm going to have to do that sometime soon.