November 7, 2006

Posted by Rie On 11:59 PM
Here are some pictures in random order taken last Saturday. . .

Heidi and Rie - I've known Heidi for many years now, all the way back to when I didn't speak any Danish at all. She's moved away from Vejle now and it was great seeing her again!

Tina and Rie - I've met Tina quite a number of times now at the bars through Christa and she's super cool!

Tine and Anders - I've actually known Tine for quite a number of years now, way back in the "Ydunsgade Days". Anders - you look like a moron! ;) Why won't you just look slightly normal whenever there's a camera in sight?

Rie - 27 years old!

Tine - I don't know what exactly was so funny but she looks like she's having a good time!

Rie - I just love my "Rock It" t-shirt but I changed into something else later on in the evening.

Claudia - I'm glad she could make it! Thomas, her boyfriend came over as well when he got back to Vejle from Copenhagen.

Heidi and Rie!

Mia and Tine - Something must have been absolutely hilarious!

Christa - She was slightly hungover from the night before but I'm glad she got over it and was able to party with the rest of us! Our friend Lise was really hungover too and had a paper to write the day after so she went home before we could get a picture of her!

Brian and Mia - I don't get to see Brian too often so it was great seeing him again. His girlfriend, Jonna, was at the party too but since she's pregnant and they have a daughter, she left before the camera came out. But I'm glad you came! And poor Mia - what is Brian doing?!

Happy Birthday to me!

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christine said...

that tshirt is wicked! i love it!