November 20, 2006

Posted by Rie On 10:45 AM
Yeps, it's Monday and I'm being a geek on the computer. Well, I was actually being a good, responsible student and doing some school work but I decided to take a break and say hello to everyone on my blog before I do my dishes. Argh, I hate dirty dishes but no one else is going to wash them for me... Poo.

Nothing really new here. It was a quiet weekend. No parties and no drinking. Maybe I'm too old for that shit anyways. I seriously need to clean my place. I have papers and books all over the place and it's starting to get on my nerves. I have to work tonight at the club and I'll probably go there early and take advantage of the super awesome printer we have there - a lot cheaper to use that printer for school than it is to use my own.

So, youth club tonight, First Aid class on Wednesday, Club again Thursday and Girlgroup on Saturday. Not a bad week and I should have time to get some serious studying done.

My parents are going to Calgary for the weekend. My brother lives there now and it's also his birthday so they decided to go there for a couple of days and see what he's been up to. I'll admit it, I'm slightly jealous. Not mean my-parents-don't-want-to-visit-me jealous but slightly envious that it's possible for them to go there and visit him. I know it's not easy or cheap to come to DK so I completely understand. I just hope they have an awesome visit and that JC has a great birthday!

Well, this was a boring post so I'll end it now and wait until I have something exciting and spectacular to write.

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Anonymous said...

We would love to just drop by for your birthday. So far away, girl, but always in our minds and hearts. We love you.

Mom and Dad