November 8, 2006

Posted by Rie On 12:42 PM
Karin and Ernst - my aunt and uncle - came over last night with their tools and helped me around the apartment. Well, ok, they didn't help - they did it and I tried to help and I really appreciate it. Now I have light in my living room, my hallway and new rolling blind things in my kitchen. It made a huge difference and I love my apartment more than ever now. The next project will be lighting in my bedroom and over my art nook. When I'm finished decorating and stuff, I will definitely take some pictures of my home!

The rolling blind thing for the kitchen window was 4cm or so too big so that turned into a bigger project than expected. We had to take it apart, cut the curtain and the metal rod and then put everything back to together. But it was so worth the extra work because it looks amazing in my kitchen.

My lights hanging over my table in the living room are touch sensitive - I can have bright light when studying and I can have dimmed lighting when I have guests. Again, we had some issues but again, it was so worth it. My living room is almost done! All I need now is my coffee table, floating shelves and my paintings.

Karin was put to work by Ernst. I took pictures. Ernst hung up those wooden blinds a couple of weeks ago. That plant on my bookshelf was a gift from Claudia and it hangs down the shelf, pretty much down to the floor.

Ernst looks a little confused. Or just really concentrated.

Those lamps hanging over the table were a serious pain in the ass!

There wasn't much I could do other than take pictures. And fill up their coffee mugs. And just stay out of their way!

Karin is very concentrated!

Thank you Karin and Ernst for all your help and thank you for the birthday gifts!

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christine said...

happy belated birthday rie!!!
your house is looking so cosy and comfortable. perfect in time for winter