November 26, 2006

Posted by Rie On 4:17 PM
Basse is dead.

Basse was my bird and she was cool. She chirped whenever I came home, we watched tv together, she'd talk to me as though we were having a real conversation. She sang along with my music. She liked it when I gave her a shower. She liked it when I rubbed her back. She liked to give kisses.
People probably think I'm crazy when it came to Basse.

It's going to be quiet here in my little apartment and I'm going to miss her very much.

Goodbye Basse.

She used to get funky mohawk feathers whenver I gave her a shower. She'd stretch out her wings and really looked like she enjoyed it.

If I rubbed her back, she'd stick out her bum and raise her tail feathers.

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christine said...

oh rie, so sorry to hear about your loss...