November 26, 2006

Posted by Rie On 4:48 PM
Today is JC's birthday - 24 years old! Right now, mom and dad are visiting him in Calgary and I hope they are all having a good time. My brother is pretty cool (for a little brother!) We used to beat the crap out of each other when we were younger - it was normal for when mom and dad got home from work, one of us had a fat lip or something like that. That was when I could beat him up but now, I'm sure if we got into a fist fight, I'd definitely lose. So, it's a good thing we don't do that anymore!

Here are some pictures of JC. He should consider himself lucky that I don't have any baby pictures of him on my computer. But then again, he was a cute kid.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS! I hope you are having a great day!

Chris came and visited me in Denmark for Christmas 2004. This picture was taken New Years Eve - he looks a little tired so I think it was a good party!

Chris and his girlfriend, Kim. They met when he lived in Halifax while they were both at Dalhousie University.

Again, New Years Eve 2004. Rie and little brother! Skaal!

Chris and I were both home in Victoria this past summer, visiting our parents and seeing old friends. Mom, dad, Chris and I (and the dogs!) took a two day trip in the boat upisland. I don't know why he looks so tired in this picture but he looks happy. It was a good trip!

Chris and Rie - brother and sister.

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