November 28, 2006

Posted by Rie On 4:54 PM
I just wanted to say hey to everyone out there before I take off to work. I'm taking the girls to a hairdresser so they can get some tips and ideas - they all seemed to like that idea so I'm hoping it'll be fun for them tonight.

The skating trip on Saturday went well, I'll beam up some pictures when I get home tonight. I had 21 kids with me and my cousin Jesper and his girlfriend came with us. Good thing they did to because I couldn't be in 21 different places at one time!

I'm still really bummed out about Basse. It sure is quiet here. Imagine, such a little animal but it feels like a huge difference without her now. I know, I know, some of you are probably thinking, what's the big deal, it was just a bird. Nope, it was Basse and she was a way cool bird. Maybe I am not normal but when it comes to animals, I have a huge soft spot in my heart for them - big and small animals.

Well, I guess I should soon be going. The bus leaves in 1/2 hour... yes, public transportation. That's what I get for not having a license. Or a car. My dad has been telling me "I told you so" for many years now. He's right this time...

My plans for when I come home? Even though it's late when I get home, I probably won't be able to sleep because I slept in today. So I plan on beaming up those pictures from Saturday and maybe some from tonight. (Thank you Anders for letting me borrow your camera!) I have some paintings I want to finish. Or I'll read until I fall asleep. My plans for tomorrow? Laundry and first aid class. I'm such a bore!

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