November 7, 2006

Posted by Rie On 12:09 AM
Happy Birthday to me! Ok, it was yesterday so I'm a day late!

I turned 27 yesterday.... Closer to 30 than I am to 20. Wow, it's a little scary to think about that sometimes. I may be 27 and some might consider me "old" but you know what, I still have to show my ID whenever I go drinking (we have to be 18 here in DK), I have shown ID a couple times when buying smokes (the age is 16), I have been asked if it's a childrens ticket for the bus (again, 16)... so you get the point, I may be "old" but not a lot of people think I look old. Now, is that a good or bad thing??

Anyways, I had a good weekend. Saturday morning, I went for brunch with Mia and my friend Heidi met us there. We did some shopping together and Heidi and I went back to my place just to hang out before my other friends arrived for a night of beer and booze. It was a small party but I think it went well. I haven't heard any bad things yet, other than some having hangovers the day after. I'm always nervous whenever I'm having a party - what if I run out of drinks, or something breaks, or some drama/crises thing happens. Or if people are bored or think badly of another guest.... but this party went well. I didn't run out of beer or booze or non-alcoholic beverages for the pregnant (that's you Jonna!) or the ones with hangovers from Friday (that would be you Lise!) and most of us carried on the partying downtown at our usual hangout. Some people partied harder than others but that's totally fine by me. As long as people had fun!

Sunday (my birthday), I didn't do much other than sleep. I'm too old to party like that. We weren't home until 5am! My friend Heidi did most of the cleaning in the living room while I was sleeping - THANK YOU - before she took the train back home to Horsens. I talked to my parents and brother on Skype like we usually do and then Anders came over. We went over to his parents place for some coffee and "aebleskiver" and then went to his place and watched a movie. It was a nice, relaxing day.

Thank you to all who came to my party and thank you to all those who sent birthday greetings via telephone, text-messages (sms), emails, blogs and skype. I felt very loved yesterday and I appreciate all the gifts and attention! Speaking of gifts, I was definitely spoiled rotten!

Thank you everyone!
(Blogger is fighting with me tonight, so I'll try posting the pictures from the party tomorrow)

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