November 25, 2006

Posted by Rie On 1:01 AM
It's 1 am and I just got home from work. I picked up an extra shift tonight because Vejle (the town I live in) had a non-alcohol nightclub party for kids from 13-18 years old. We say non-alcohol, but that doesn't stop the kids from trying to trick us! 300 teenagers can be a handful!

My boss asked me yesterday if I could work as a "bouncer" along with several other people from different clubs all around town and so I did. Not only is the money good but it's important for me to keep my contacts here in Vejle because they might one day help me get a full-time job. And it was a good thing that I did go because right when I came to where the dance/party was being held, one of my co-workers pulled me aside and said that the rumors are that I am interested in a full-time job and if I gave him my info, then he could very possibly find something for me in the near future. I'm not getting my hopes up too high but I think I have good chances. I've worked before with this guy at Jelling Festival and I guess I've made a good impression. Well, at least good enough that he's going to try and fix me up with a job. So, everyone - keep your fingers crossed for me! This could be my ticket!

Just to explain - I now work part-time in Egtved and Norup. Egtved and Norup are similar to Sooke (even smaller) whereas Vejle is kinda like Langford/Colwood. Come Jan. 1, 2007, Egtved and Vejle will be under the same district, which means I will no longer be under Egtved Community but under Vejle. My plan is to find a full-time job in Jan/Feb and work there until I can start school again (finishing my BA in English on the side), but this time an adult with merits education within the field of social work. (It's hard to explain in English). I have plenty of contacts here in Vejle, some of them are even in the management positions so my chances are good. I don't want to work in daycares or kindergarten shit - I want to work with teenagers and there are plenty of jobs out there. The pay isn't the greatest but then again, I'd rather have a job I love with an ok paycheck than have a shitty job I hate with good pay...

All these extra shifts I take here and there brings me one step closer to making these plans happen. Jelling Festival has definitely opened many doors for me and also now that Vejle and Egtved will soon be under one district. It may have taken me a while to find what I want to do with my life regarding work and career - I have now studied two different university educations while working at the youth club and people have been telling me for many years now that I should seriously get into the social worker field and it's first now I have opened my eyes. I like working with teenagers. I like the challenge. I like the type of people who work in this field. I'm good at it too and it feels comfortable.

Ok, enough of that. I need to sleep. I have to work again tomorrow. I'm taking a large group of kids from both Egtved and Norup to a ice-skating party/dance tomorrow evening in a town called Herning. It'll be another late night for me.

Good night everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Well you should! Glad you FINALLY gets it... Good luck to you!

christine said...

it sounds like you've done a lot of soul searching in regard to finding that niche in the job world that you are going to be perfect for! congrats to you for working so hard and i'm happy that its really paying off for you now. sleep tight, and good luck tonight!