November 6, 2006

Posted by Rie On 11:55 PM
Last week, I went with Jonna and saw her and her baby being scanned. I've never been to a scanning before and I'll admit, it was pretty cool. It was a 3d scanning, which meant we could see the baby quite clearly - her face especially (yes, it's a baby girl!). I even heard the baby's heartbeat! Jonna and her boyfriend, Brian, have a daughter who turns 3 in January, so I took lots of pictures so little Caroline might have an easier time to understand that she will soon be a big sister and where babies come from.

Thank you Jonna for sharing this experience with me!

The room was small but actually kinda cozy. Soft lighting which kinda fit with the mood. At first, it was difficult to see the baby (she didn't want to stay still and kept moving her legs and arms in front of the "camera") but after a little while and patience, we could finally see baby Mathilde!

Jonna and person who scanned her are going through the pictures. But it was pretty easy to see what was what - very impressive!

Brian was waiting for the phone call! He was at work and unfortunately couldn't come to the scanning. They decided not to keep the baby's sex secret this time because it is important that Caroline understands exactly what's happening.

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