November 30, 2006

Posted by Rie On 3:12 PM
I took a group of teenagers skating last weekend - mainly girls from my "girlgroup". I'm sure glad my cousin Jesper and his girlfriend Vibeke came with me because I don't think I could have "handled" 21 kids on my own! They were so hyper and I think they ate too much sugar! Holy crap, I was tired afterwards but it went really well. We took tonnes of pictures and here are a couple of shots so you guys can all see we had fun!

I did go skating but not for long. My knees were acting up and I was tired from working the night before at that dance here in Vejle. But I was out on the ice and I didn't fall!

These three girls attacked me!

Vibeke was having issues in getting the skates off so Jesper had to help her!

The bus ride was almost just as fun as the actual skating part. Lots of laughs and just goofing around.

Coffee, slurpies and lots of laughs. Some of the girls (and Jesper) were taking a break from skating and joined me in the cafeteria. By sitting here, I could see everything going on in the rink but also have some good talks with the kids.

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